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Digital photography has taken over the vast majority of the photography world. By removing the need for purchasing and transporting fragile film, eliminating the need to handle and risk over-exposing the film and negating the need for professional development, digital photography makes the process of taking, managing and reproducing photos easy for even a technology novice to do. Once a photo is taken, either using a dedicated camera or a mobile phone, it is stored immediately in a digital format that is ready to be stored, modified and published.

Despite its high degree of efficiency and versatility, many people find digital photography to lack some of the charm of traditional photography. Many people enjoy being able to take the physical version of a photo and frame it in a decorative manner. Although the process is somewhat different, digital photography is capable of accomplishing the same effect. The software package "Photo Frames Effects" was designed to do just this.

Once a photo is taken, it can be easily loaded into this Windows application. From there, a large assortment of frames are provided. These are designed to imitate popular physical photo frames. Although fancy frames are often quite expensive, Photo Frames Effects makes them available for free. The image can be cropped and re-sized so that the frame displays only the portion of the image that is desired. Emphasis can be placed on the subject of the photo and help to downplay distracting background elements such as crowds or unrelated objects. The image can also be adjusted to correct contrast, brightness, color saturation and even eliminate the famous "red eye" effect caused by camera flashes.

Once the image has been configured to the photographer's liking, it can be saved in the new format without affecting the original. The image can be printed or distributed on social media. Photo Frames Effects works on most versions of Microsoft Windows.


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Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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